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Threechromium ®

This treatment replaces the traditional chrome plating method, ensuring enhanced quality


Enhanced finish penetration prevents the formation of the yellow haloes produced with older-style chrome plating methods. The coating is optimal around holes and apertures and in the 'tougher' corners (where low intensity of current is known to prevent flash chrome nickel substrate cover).
The white or grey "burn marks" of the extremities of processed items are prevented, where a higher intensity of current was required to ensure greater penetration. Electrodeposition is therefore more uniform, and improved distribution is enabled. Lastly, since lower solution viscosity prevents surface formation of spots of residual material, the product is a brighter white. Since the hexavalent chrome solution is replaced by a more natural chromium (trivalent chrome), the environmental impact of chrome plating is minimized. Furthermore, selection of specific electrolytes is based on experimentation with a process that totally differs from the chlorides-based trivalent chrome method.

Surface engineering