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Four generations, a tradition
born from galvanic technology.


Giovanni was the pioneer. It was still a time of craftsmanship and of the artisan. It was the time, also, of the first small electroformed statues and the first precious metal electrodeposition processes. The power was obtained independently, by a water-driven dynamo generator (the water came from the nearby watercourse). Electrodeposition was a complex, time-consuming process using, first , copper, and then nickel (nearly always for silver finishing). The company, Giovanni Dalla Torre e Figli, was registered as an ‘sdf’ (irregular partnership or de facto corporation) at the registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso (no. 1861; date 18/07/1928).


Giovanni Demetrio developed the ‘new’ activities of his father. In the 1930’s production of small souvenir statues was abandoned, and services were provided to the early machine workshops. The power supply now came from a turbine. The process of electrodeposition had broadened out its scopes to include the ‘new’ chrome-based finishing. This was the time of ‘autarchia’ (autarchy, or national self-reliance). Then came the war. Nickel became a rare metal. Galvanic work was tough. Nickels were used: the 20-cent coins ran out, but the work went on.


The war over, Grandfather “Metro” was by now ill. In 1948, Demetrio’s eldest son took over the firm. He was only 16 years old. The innovation went on. With the aid of a university professor, it was now possible to use additives hitherto unobtainable in Italy. Manual burnishing for end-product brightness now became unnecessary.


First AUTOMATIC chrome plating installation for contract work.


First BLACK NICKEL production.


Prima produzione del BLACK NICKEL.




Treviso facility start-up.


Industrial SATIN-FINISH decorative treatments start-up.


First application of RILSAN ESY treatment.


First CHROMELESS plating production..


February, first production with the new RUTHENYUM and THYTANIUM treatments, unveiled at the Paris trade fair (March 2004). June, first THREECHROMIUM production (this method of processing led to replacement of Chromeless production in March 2005).


First THREESATIN production.

2008 – 80th anniversary

Eighty years since the company “Giovanni Dalla Torre and Figli” started up as a simple Società di Fatto (irregular partnership or de facto corporation) on 18/07/1928 (no. 18611 at the registry of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso). With 60 years at the helm of the company, the sole director, Ermanno (perhaps not so much ‘sole’ as ‘unique’ director!) saw the fourth generation of his family take its place by his side. Lorenzo Dalla Torre, who had obtained a degree in business economics, specialising in industrial surface treatment corporate sectors, became general manager, while representing the plating sector both in Italy and abroad. Paola Dalla Torre, who had trained in accounting, became the director of the Treviso facility. She is also responsible for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Project. Since 2002 she has been the company’s Environmental Management System Internal Auditor (Icim course). Lorenzo and Paola have successfully worked toward turning the firm into a leading public limited company within its sector.