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Powder Coating

Range of colours for specific product end-results

Powder coating

On the strength of our many years of experience in the sector, we have developed and improved our plants to provide solutions that meet the very many and diverse coating needs of our customer base.
Two-layer coating is conducted on a single production line with two production-line ovens and a booth dedicated to transparent coating processes. Transparent coating can also be used as protection of galvanic electrodeposition surfaces. This process is required for ship furnishings (brass plating + Electrolac cataphoretic coating + transparent powder coating). Three other booths are dedicated to the more popular serial colours, two non-specialized booths are used for small batches, and one booth is used for samples and special job orders. Certain products require that the colour obtained for the thermosetting powders should be as similar as possible to the characteristics of the metal.
Aluminium colour coating is currently the most fashionable process, and many variants are possible, with or without transparent transparent coating, and with normal transparent coating or transparent coating with or without galvanized substrate for outside use (Rilsan Esy variant also available).
About 20 aluminium colours and versions are available (ranging from "chrome", bright or satin-finished to wrinkled).
The prime-quality products used are bonderized to enhance colour stability from batch to batch and over time. Our buying policy for production line powders guarantees conformity with the very latest requisites, while making sure our production processes are "environmental friendly".