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Nickel Satin Coating

This important furnishing design resource is adopted in combination with prime quality wood- or leather-work.

Nichelatura Satinata

Decorative work for interiors
Bright nickel electroplating followed by electrodeposition of a thinner layer of automatic galvanic bath satin-finished nickel. Later automatic production-line transparent cataphoretic lacquer is an option.

Surface design
Look, with a tendency to the colour of non-bright stainless steel, a typical colour of nickel metal but providing the following effects:

- Satin-finished semimatt (no transparent lacquer)
- Satin-finished semigloss also termed "champagne" (with transparent lacquer).

For furnishing product combinations with prime quality wood- or leather-work. Transparent cataphoretic protection ensures high resistance on salt spray testing, hence enabling application in damper interior environments (e.g. kitchens). This process combines lamellar and column electrodeposition for enhanced resistance performance.

- With no transparent lacquer: for a retro look - creating an opaque look like that obtained by pre-1930's techniques or a more metallic appearance where surface hardness is imperative.
- With transparent lacquer: for a semigloss look where resistance to oxidation and a brighter "champagne" colour are imperative.


Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or aggressive chemicals. If lacquered, never use solvents or chemical products which may harm the transparent protective film.

Surface engineering