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Nickel Coating

Bright, and with a colour similar to that of steel

Nickel Coating

Decorative work for interiors
Bright nickel electroplating followed by transparent cataphoretic lacquer (optional).

Surface design
Bright (metallic mirror finish) with a colour similar to that of stainless steel, but richer and with a tendency to yellow reflections (the colour of pure bright nickel). Used together with burnished stainless steel detail-work, or when use of steel is ruled out or is not indicated.
No transparent lacquer: when surface hardness is imperative or when the end-result must resemble the type of processing that was typical of the 1930's. Transparent cataphoretic lacquer: when resistance to oxidation is imperative.


Clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or aggressive chemicals. If lacquered, never use solvents or chemical products which may harm the transparent protective film.

Surface engineering