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From tradition to innovation

Head office and main facility: Fontane di Villorba

After eight decades of activities in the surface finishings sector, the Dalla Torre family stands firm in its commitment to managing the company, which started out as a workshop engaged in nickel plating and manual coating activities. The firm has developed over the years and now boasts 2 facilities with 6 production departments and 110 employees. Alongside the experience gained within such a challenging sector as plating, contributing to the quality of our treatments, our current production capacities provide customers with the services of various finishing departments to meet all market needs. Our services include:

  • treatments for low-cost top-quality products;
  • treatments both for small and mass-production job orders;
  • traditional treatments, such as decorative or innovative chrome plating (such as our various satin-finishing treatments).

Our customers need not worry over delivery deadlines or sudden production demand. We meet the flexibility needs of the marketplace. Treatment processes are 24/24. Our assortment of static treatments (frame finishings available) enables 9 types of treatment, grouped under 2 classes.

  • Bright treatments: chrome plating, nickel plating, brass coating, Ruthenyum®, Threechromium®.
  • “SATIN-FINISHING” treatments: satin chrome plating, satin nickel plating, satin brass coating, Threesatin®, Thytanium®

ELECTROLAC transparent cataphoretic coating completes and integrates our range of more delicate electrodeposition processes.

Treviso facility

This facility provides leading edge, eco-friendly trivalent chrome plating and powder coating treatments. Exclusive Rilsan Esy application is on offer. Our truly impressive performance in terms of flexibility, with our quick-colour-change installations, means we can provide very broad colour ranges.

Business to Business

Our Business to Business service has developed over time, and now deploys a new Internet site for customer communication and for communication with our new team entries.

Logistics & transport

We place the resources of our impressive fleet of vehicles (from vans to articulated lorries) at the service of customers who have adopted policies of decentralization of production processes and who intend to manage physical flows from raw materials through to finished products. We provide the following services: management of empty containers, collection from premises, and delivery to assembly premises.