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Chromium Satin Coating

Treatment for a modern, contemporary look

Cromatura satinata

Decorative work for interiors
Bright nickel electroplating followed by electrodeposition of a thinner layer of satin-finished nickel followed by flash chrome (electrolytic).

Surface engineering
Metallic satin-finished look, with a tendency to white, decidedly similar to natural aluminium but with more marked metallic reflections. Ideal for application to broad-section tubular structures since the larger the treated surface the more marked the reflections and variety of effects shall be. This is a unique solution for square- or rectangular-section tubular structures. The result is highly decorative and hi-tech. For furnishing products, combinations are frequent with prime quality wood- or leather-work; combinations with acid-etched glass may now be considered a classic interior design solution. From the technical viewpoint, this approach combines the final look with remarkable resistance to corrosion (no protective coating required), through the adoption of three plating stages: lamellar electrodeposition + column electrodeposition + flash chrome plating for the typical surface hardness of chrome metal.


Clean with damp cloth (the cloth may perhaps be dampened with alcohol diluted with water). The surface is adequately resistant, and chemical products can be used. However, since the metallic surface is very hygienic, use of aggressive chemical products is not recommended. This is especially the case with hydrochloric acid which lowers resistance to corrosion over time. Periodically, in cases of exterior or semi-exterior use, or in saline environmental conditions, it may be appropriate to apply paraffin oil to the surface using cotton wool and then rubbing with a soft, dry cloth to remove anyexcess quantities.

Surface engineering

Cromatura Satinata